Client Testimonials

"After my car accident, dealing with the insurance company was horrible. At first the insurance adjuster was nice and acted like they were on my side, but when I started asking specific questions about how much my settlement would be everything changed. All of the sudden the adjuster was rude and pushy insisting I should accept way less than the policy limit. I was getting jerked around and knew I needed help. I contacted Adrienne Ogle and explained what was going on. She took over and I no longer had to worry. Adrienne obtained the policy limit and I walked away with a hefty settlement check. I just signed a few documents and Adrienne handled everything else. If you have been injured and you're getting pushed around by an insurance company, hire Adrienne Ogle to represent you, hiring her was the best decision I made in my case!"

- Terry, TN


"I was rear-ended at a red light and suffered significant injuries to my neck and shoulder. A friend recommended Adrienne Ogle and I hired her a few weeks after the accident. When the insurance company refused to offer me a reasonable settlement, Adrienne filed suit. She fought for me every step of the way and ended up obtaining a settlement 10 times higher than the insurance company's top offer prior to filing suit."

- Jackson, TN


"I fell and broke my leg at a hotel while on vacation in Gatlinburg. I live in another state and contacted Adrienne Ogle over the phone. She made everything so easy and kept me informed throughout the whole process. She was able to obtain a large settlement within a few months. If you need a personal injury attorney, hire Adrienne Ogle!"

- Debbie, Kentucky