What is Disfigurement?

A motorcycle involved in an accident with an automobile.

Motorcycle accidents can end up in nasty and potentially life-altering injuries.

One such injury may not hurt you physically in the long run but can damage you mentally and emotionally. Disfigurement occurs when you sustain vicious scars or physical damage that alters your appearance permanently. Unfortunately, many parts of a motorcyclist’s body are compromised when riding a motorcycle. This includes the face, arms, torso, and legs. Permanent physical damage to these body parts can occur and can alter your confidence and mood going forward. You shouldn’t have to worry about and stress about your appearance on a daily basis. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can fight to get you compensated for your disfigurement so you can begin the process of healing your mind and body.

The scene of an accident involving a motorcycle and an automobile.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive for Becoming Disfigured in a Motorcycle Accident?

The amount of money you can receive for becoming disfigured in a motorcycle accident can depend heavily on the extent of damage it has caused you. While disfigurement is typically argued as emotional damage in a personal injury case, certain occupations require a certain appearance from their employees. For example, models rely heavily on their appearance. If a model becomes disfigured in a motorcycle crash, they can also claim separate damages that correlate to their disfigurement that claims they will lose income now and in the future due to their disfigurement. However, as emotional damage, it can be tricky to pinpoint just how much compensation you can be awarded for becoming disfigured. Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney can put you on a path towards getting the most out of your disfigurement claim.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me Make the Most Out of My Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Utilizing all the evidence available to us, we can assist you in putting together an effective and logical argument that can help you retrieve the most financial damages possible for your case. We can represent you during negotiations with the insurance company responsible for settling your case or we can fight vigorously for your rights in court. No matter the route, we are prepared to do everything possible to ensure you are treated fairly and compensated fairly for all the damages you have sustained.

Is a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Right for Me?

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer may be intimidating for some. While the cost of an attorney might put off many prospective clients, it may be even costlier to move ahead without legal representation by your side. Green, Waters Ogle & McCarter is ready to represent your personal injury case and get you the favorable results you need to move on with your life. Schedule a free consultation with our law firm by calling (865) 429-3600.