Sevierville Ranks #1 in the Region for Pedestrian Crashes

A woman on the phone at the scene of an accident.

Tennessee is ranked #12 in the top 20 most dangerous states for pedestrians. Based on population, Sevierville has the highest crash rate in the region, followed by Knoxville and Alcoa.

Overview of Pedestrian Crashes in Sevierville from November 2010–March 2018

  • Between November of 2010 and March of 2018, there were 99 crashes involving either pedestrians or bicyclists. This results in a rate of 1.1 crashes per month, and 13 crashes per year. 66 crashes (67 percent) involved pedestrians, and 33 involved bicyclists.
  • Most of the crashes (93 percent) involved the injury or death of a person walking or bicycling. 90 crashes involved injuries only, and another two involved a fatality. Of the two fatalities, both were killed while walking.
  • 19 percent of injury-only crashes involved serious injuries.

A woman using the phone to call family at the scene of a car accident in Sevierville, TN.n

Main Causes of Pedestrian Crashes

  • 42% of pedestrian crashes involve drivers failing to yield while turning.
  • 24% of pedestrian crashes involve a pedestrian hit by a car while walking in a location without sidewalks or other dedicated space for pedestrians.

Speed plays a huge role in determining whether a person struck by a car survives.

Green, Waters Ogle and McCarter has successfully represented pedestrians injured in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville. Our attorneys have obtained favorable monetary settlements for pedestrians injured in crashes throughout Sevier County. We have also used the legal process to ensure that safety updates, such as improved signage, lowered speed limits and additional speed limit enforcement, have been added to the areas where our clients were injured. Our law firm is committed to raising awareness in the community regarding pedestrian safety.