Why Do I Need an Attorney in My Personal Injury Case?

Adrienne Ogle of Ogle McCarter Law Firm in Sevierville, Tennessee.

In situations where an accident has taken place, it may seem that dealing with the insurance company yourself is the easiest option. Yet, too many people are not aware of their rights and covered benefits in the case of personal injury. An experienced injury attorney knows how to evaluate and document your claim to obtain that to which you are entitled. Without such experience, you may receive much less than you need to move on with your everyday life. Remember, insurance claims adjusters are skilled negotiators who are trained to settle accident claims as quickly and cheaply as possible; you also need an expert with knowledge of the claims process to guide you and to make sure you receive appropriate compensation. Here are some of the things an experienced attorney can do for you:

  • Offer a free consultation to evaluate your claim
  • Tell you how much money you may be entitled to receive
  • Handle all communication with the insurance company
  • Help get your medical bills paid
  • Recover lost wages plus money for any future lost earning ability caused by your accident
  • Collect medical records and evidence for your claim, and interview witnesses to present the best case
  • Recover other damages you may be entitled to receive as a result of your accident

Adrienne Ogle worked many years for insurance companies and has extensive knowledge in handling claims. More than 90% of injury claims handled by Adrienne Ogle are resolved without a lawsuit. The bottom line is, we know the insurance companies and their representatives, and we get results.

If you are concerned and need help resolving a personal injury case, we would be honored to help you begin to put the pieces back together.